Sunday, January 14, 2007

2006 Review

Wow, been a while since my last post. A lot has happened, too much to cover. So I'll try to summarize 2006 from a personal artist accomplishment perspective. As evident form an earlier post, the figure is back in my work. This painting "Study in Contrast #1" is one of a male female pair painted specifically for a figurative group show early in the year. The style complemented "The Southside Favorite" oil on canvas of my Grandfather, Oscar Boehm.

For a drastic change in style, subject and pallet we'll look at another set of oils once again specifically painted for another group show, "The Motorcycle, Life and Lifestyle" about half way through the year. While I enjoyed the change, these two works took their toll on my patience as I probably have over 50 hours in each piece.

Commissions always keep me going and usually stray from my typical subject as well. This piece "Tanya's Apple" once again borrowed its style from some of the figurative work, but also employed some of my still life realism .

Better than half way through 2006, I once again participated in the "Trash to Treasure" benefit. My submission "Momentum, the ATL Express" by far was the most radical break from the norm for the year. Relying more on my industrial design background, there was absolutely no painting involved in this piece. Another back breaker, but well worth the effort.

And then back to a more familiar look and style to complete 2006.

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