Friday, August 14, 2009

Eyedrum Auction Tonight

Help save Atlanta's best alternative art venue.

Eyedrum Benefit Art Auction - Friday, August 14, 2009 - 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Positively the most diverse and entertaining art auction in town! Featuring a silent auction of over 150 pieces of artwork in every price range, from every genre, in every size and in all mediums. Painting, Drawing, Book Arts, Jewelry, Photography, Sculpture, and more all from local established and emerging artists will be included. ED Recordings, Eyedrum merchandise and memberships will also be on sale. $10 at the door. FREE for Eyedrum members. Costumes and festive attire encouraged!

Purchases at the Benefit Auction will help support Eyedrum's operating costs and programming year round. Eyedrum is a completely volunteer run non-profit organization featuring contemporary art, music, film, theatre and literary events.

Silent auction artists: Matt Allison, Ashley Anderson, Larry Jens Anderson, Anita Arliss, Alicia Araya, Yun Bai, Chris Bakay, Rose Barron, Daniel Biddy, Lillian Blades, Christopher Boehm, William Boling, Natalie Brandhorst, Phoebe Brown, Sloane Cheatham, Susan Cipcic, Cheryl Cline, Terry Coffey, Marcia Cohen, Hope Cohn, Benny Cokeman, Woody Cornwell, Linda Costa, Anne Cox, Jerry Cullum, Jeff Dahlgren, David Dean, Terri Dilling, Ruth Dusseault, Laura Dyer, Tae Earl-Jackson, Heather Elder, David Rossi Elliot, Emer, Sarah Emerson, William Etheridge, Julia Fenton, Tom Ferguson, Nancy Floyd, John Folsom, Edie G, Angus Galloway, Jane Garver, Debra Gavant, Lynn Gay, Mike Germon, John Glover, Rory Golden, Kojo Griffin, Ayed Halim, Anna Hamer, Ting Ying Han, Jody Harris, Tim Haugh, Jess Hinshaw, EK Huckaby, David Huff, Andy I, Janet Jenkins, Eric Jennings, Kim Jones, Jennifer Julian, Cecelia Kane, Mark Karelson, Dana Kemp, Susan Ker-Seymer, Drew Kitchens, Kati Kulscar, Judy Kuniasky, Nick Kuwick, R Land, Sarah Lawrence, Mark Leibert, Anya Liftig, George Long, Sean Ludwig, Eric Mack, Karen Mackay, Kelly McKernan, Joy McKinney, Harold McNaron, Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Michi, Hormuz Minina, Mandie Turner Mitchell, Johana Moscoso, Billy Newman, Jessica Orlowski, Erin Palovick, Esteban Patino, Wynne Ragland, Allison Rentz, Darius Robinson, William Rossoto, Madeleine St. Romain, Mario Schambon, Steve Seaburg, Maxwell Sebastian, Teresa Sims, Avantika Singh, Whitney Stansell, Marcy Starz, Karen Tauches, Jeff Thies, Brett Thompson, Joe Tsambiras, Lisa Tuttle, Clark Vreeland, Heather Stevens Weese, Howard Wershil, Aaron Whitehouse, Steve Willams, Stan Woodard, Cynthia Zarrilli, Tom Zarrilli.

Live entertainment provided by: KalimbaMan Kevin Spears with special guest Mario Schambon, Marimba Lumina Enlightenment with Klimchak, The Jazz Invaders quartet featuring Greg Hammontree, Dan Gilormo, Justin Chesarek and Colin Agnew and after party mix and dancing with DJ Black Sunshine. Take a ride in the Art Taxi with Jon Ciliberto and make some art while out on the town.

Live Auction @ 9:15 p.m. with Dennis Coburn and Tom Zarrilli includes prizes and special art service items: Botanical Gardens passes, a guided tour of the Moore in America exhibit, a Shocking Real-Life Writing Seminar with Hollis Gillespie, High Museum of Art family memberships, free event at the Roberts-Mozley Home courtesy of the Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County, rain barrel painting by Priscilla Smith, annual memberships to WonderRoot, art installation services from SOLO Installation and Design, artists portfolio websites from Portfolio Atlas, graphic design services by Lyn Hillman, interior design services from Jamie England, recordings from Dust-to-Digital, yoga classes from Bikram Decatur, original clothing from Kortni Potter of Dramagirl Designs, thematic portraits by DornBrothers, costumes from Costumes Etc., pet supplies from Park Pet Supply, chamber music session from The Vauxhall Garden Variety Players, a guided historical tour of Ponce De Leon with Tom Zarrilli, a gift card for Agave and much more!

Special thanks to Karen Tauches for the art auction design and our generous sponsors: Six Feet Under, Decatur Atlanta Printing, Dukes Vodka, Cabbagetown Market, Stella Trattoria, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Joe's Catering.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Look

Been meaning to do this for some time now. Hope you approve.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Congratulations Will

Earlier this year my son William Boehm entered the 73rd Atlanta Dogwood Festival Atlanta High School Art Exhibition. 50 schools and 86 teachers entered their students work consisting of 188 participants and 400 entries. Williams untitled painting series (a work in progress once featured here) stitched together and displayed as a single work by his Grady High School instructor, John Brandhorst, took honorable mention and top 14 honors in the competition.

William with his untitled painting.

Will and Atlanta High School Art Exhibition Project Coordinator Cheryl Myrbo, at the March 11, SCAD Atlanta ceremony honoring the top 14 award winners.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 The Year in Review

Well. guess I'm about 2 years behind on the year in review update as my last entry regarding such was posted here. So lets see if I can wrap up the year that was a couple weeks into the year to be with at best a modest attempt to interest.

By all means, 2008 will be remembered as historically significant for many reasons, both good and bad, and like most everyone else I simply went along for the ride and watched. Sometimes in total disbelief, at other moments in absolute awe. On a personal level however, 2008 proved to be quite productive and satisfying for me as an artist.

January began with the 1st of 2 group shows with my very good friends, William Entrekin, Rick McClung, and Robert Meredith at Gallery 4463 in Acworth, Georgia. Immediately followed by a solo show at The Seen Gallery. The October issue of American Art Collector magazine featured an article of our second group show, Personal Visions at Mason Murer Projects. The show opened on a cold rainy Friday night shortly after the complete collapse of the world economy. Yay!

From left to right, Robert Meredith, William Entrekin, Christopher Boehm, and Rick McClung at Mason Murer Projects opening night, October 24th.

A good deal of my 2008 however, was dedicated to painting. 2 paintings were hold overs from the year or years before, but finished in 2008. In the case of "Brass Autumn" this was a painted started in 2005, put on hold for 3 years and picked up again and finished in 2008. Sometimes, after working a painting for too long, I put it away for a while. The time in between allows me to see it again with a fresh perspective.

Brass Autumn is an autumn (obviously) landscape depicting Georgia's highest point, Brasstown Bald. Can't say why it took me 3 years to pick this one back up again, or why I set it down for so long. Sometimes the emotion that made a piece special to begin with is lost and it takes time for the feeling to return.

"Path to Rabun Gap", was another holdover from 2007 and wasn't quite ready for the January show, but made its debut at the Seen show in February. The sun had just come out in this morning scene after a night of stormy weather. The sky appeared to be taking back the rain and in the process lifting the mountains along with it.

Two paintings were inspired by a rare Georgia snow fall last January. "Spared Alone" and "Early Delivery", were both by products of a wonderful day, reminiscent of my childhood in Wisconsin.

Then there's this wickedly difficult painting depicting an obstructed setting sun. "The Promise" would not have been completed without the undying support of a beautiful brunette named Jessica.

A couple of still life's punctuated the year 2008. At the Early in January, Portals was finished. The helmet was a borrowed prop from a diver. This intriguing devise of brass, copper, and glass was begging me to paint it every time I laid my eyes on it. The photo was a gift of my late uncle Ed. Navy friends standing in front of the Imperial Palace in Japan dating back to 1947.

We finish out 2008 with "The Warning"