Saturday, July 07, 2007

Seven, Seven, Oh Seven

I’ve heard this day referred to as the luckiest day of the century. Me, I believe luck is a direct result of hard work and dedication when considering our professional careers and I guess our personal relationships as well. Numbers, dates, calendars are nothing more than an invention of man required for creating and maintaining a civilized society. Numbers and math are however the only absolute truth we have. Our entire universe is based upon this fact. Certain numbers when squared, multiplied, divided, etc. will always produce the foundation for everything in our physical world. Never fail, every time. So can the same truth in numbers be applied to the metaphysical?

I cannot say anything of great importance will or will not occur nor any or magical mystical event shall materialize for myself or any other soul today. But, I’d be a lair if I said certain numbers or dates have no more meaning to me than any other of less apparent significance. After all, the name of this blog “The Golden Mean” is a direct indication of that very thought. I can tell you that that on this day, sixteen years ago, was one of the most important days of my life. The day my third son William Christopher Boehm was born.

Naturally talented as are his older brothers, he simply explores the art of creation with more passion and conviction than the two. His recent work reflects his current lifestyle and interests which includes a series of dead rock star portraits of whom he admires, hand painted shoes (Vans) and other wearable assemblages. It is a pleasure watching and assisting (if asked) in each of his creative journeys.

So is today, seven, seven, two thousand seven any luckier than any other day of the century? Time will tell, all I know is what a lucky man I am to have a son such as the one born on this day sixteen years go.

Happy birthday Will.

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