Sunday, October 01, 2006

Slow Art

Sunday I went back to Oglethorpe U to see the Slow Art Exhibit again. Rachel hadn't seen it yet and was mildly upset with the fact that I'd turned down her request to go to the open (I confused this opening with another show that I really didn't care if I saw or not) only to chase down there alone one day while she was at work. I of course had absolutely no trouble dropping another five bucks to see it again (actually it was Rachel's treat ;-D ) We caught a guided geriatric tour midway when we first arrived and wished we had caught the tour from the beginning.

Slow Art, as the show was called, is supposedly part of the movement against the cult of speed engulfing American society... as someone informed me "there is a lot going on here..." I promise I will come back to both this show and topic again as this is my kind of visual art and as I do have several issues with the Slow movement and how it relates to contemporary realism. So for now...

Rhetorically Yours - cb

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