Thursday, October 12, 2006

Figuratively Speaking

I like to do a little figure drawing from time to time. So I'm taking Frank Sheltons figure drawing class at The Roswell Visual Arts Center. I prefer open studio to class, but this is convenient and Frank allows me to do my own thang. Although our taste in art is probably a few miles a part, I do enjoy his enthusiasm and appreciation of artists in general.

Here are a few of my favorite drawings from class. I'm using Conte' crayons on 18" x 24" newsprint, pretty standard stuff. These are some of my 10 to 15 minute sketches. They always seem to me at least, better than my 20 to 30 minute drawings. Usually I can knock out the layout pretty quick. The shorter time periods prevent me from over working the drawing.

I feel drawing from life is quite important as is drawing in general. You can never perfect a drawing, but you can always improve your skill.

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